Using the “C” word when renovating .

by | November 4, 2018

Ok….why is it that when renovating our homes a lot of Westerners are afraid to the use the “C” word ? Of course Im talking about “Colour” ,,,although to be honest there are a lot of other ” C ” words used when renovating as, let’s be honest, its not for the faint hearted nor the weak of spirit….

But come on… If I have to see another white wall with a beige or grey trim I’ll  cry….

Now I’m not picking on white or grey…they have their place and I know a lot of people love those hues … I get it… I have a black and white bathroom as well and a cement grey ensuite. BUT every other room in my house is reflective of a mood and ambience that I’m trying to create.

When I’m doing a renovation for a client I really have to work hard on getting them to consider colour … Its seems in this country (well Sydney) that we have a default code set to grey and white. …As if we are always thinking of the Resale value…. Apparently there is a rumour that if you just paint the walls white when you are selling you will sell for more….. ?

Really ?

Well when I sold my first place  it was like a Mexican cave….so many colours and textures I think I used up the colour wheel. I might tell you that it had more people come to view it than the Real Estate agents had seen….Why? because it stood out… It had a feel and a vibe that no one else on the market had….. and I might add …The couple that bought it saw it 10 mins before the auction and just bought it!! . It’s what know as an “Impulse buy” (Yay for me)

The reason?

Because colour adds emotion ….. and makes a place a home. And on top of that its FUN…..

It seems we are all a bit obsessed with Indian, Mexican , Moroccan and Italian architecture ….. (or is that just me? ) …. One of my favourite towns in the world is Oaxaca …For those of you that have been there you know what I mean…. Every house is painted a different colour . It immediately makes you feel happy and welcomed .

So next time you are considering painting…be brave,,, ok Im not talking about ” mad gypsy shat up the wall” as my art director friend Steve would say …but take a chance…trust your gut and remember

“Courage is a love affair with the unknown”

Good luck Hackers

Aunty Bling


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