Using the ” C ” word when Renovating

Ok….why is it that when renovating our homes a lot of Westerners are afraid to use the “C” word ?. Of course Im talking about “Colour” ,,,although there are a lot of other ” C ” words used when renovating as, let’s be honest, its not for the faint hearted nor the weak of spirit….

But come on… If I have to see another white wall with a beige or grey trim I’ll  cry….

Now I’m not picking on white or grey…they have their place and I know a lot of people love those hues … I get it… I have a black and white bathroom as well and a cement grey ensuite. BUT every other room in my house is reflective of a mood and ambience that I’m trying to create.

When I’m doing a renovation for a client I really have to work hard on getting them to consider colour … Its seems in this country (well Sydney) that we have a default code set to grey and white. …As if we are always thinking of the Resale value…. Apparently there is a rumour that if you just paint the walls white when you are selling you will sell for more….. ?

Really ?

Well when I sold my first place  it was like a Mexican cave….so many colours and textures I think I used up the colour wheel. I might tell you that it had more people come to view it than the Real Estate agent had ever seen….Why? because it stood out… It had a feel and a vibe that no one else on the market had….. and I might add …The couple that bought it saw it 10 mins before the auction and just bought it !. It’s what known as an “Impulse buy” (Yay for me)

The reason?

Because colour adds emotion ….. and makes a place a home. And on top of that its FUN…..

It seems we are all a bit obsessed with Indian, Mexican , Moroccan and Italian architecture ….. (or is that just me? ) …. One of my favourite towns in the world is Oaxaca …For those of you that have been there you know what I mean…. Every house is painted a different colour . It immediately makes you feel happy and welcomed .

So next time you are considering painting…be brave,,, ok Im not talking about ” mad gypsy shat up the wall” as my art director friend Steve would say …but take a chance…trust your gut and remember

“Courage is a love affair with the Unknown”

Good luck Hackers

Aunty Bling

Oaxacan Colour

A Mexican inspired courtyard in Newtown Sydney

Fuscia and Gold paint creates a feel in this Redfern Dining room

Mexican Inspired Bathroom with Terracotta paint and purple and turquoise highlights .

Oaxaca Mexico