If you are like me and you like a bit of texture and love the look of pressed tin then I’m going to let you in to a little secret  …All tin tiles are sometimes not what they seem !

So what do I mean ? Some tin tiles are actually PVC ie Faux tin tiles (gasp) .. Now before deciding to walk down this path please do make sure they are fire retardant.

There are many places you can find these tiles, you can either google “faux tin tiles” and see what you find … I ordered mine off eBay from China as I was ordering a large amount and it worked out a lot cheaper but there are other places from America like www.decorativeceilingtiles.net  that now ship to Australia and also have videos to explain how to put them up. The first time I did it I worked with my builder who showed me how to do it and yes is does help to have someone with you but Ms Independant ( yep thats me)  managed to do the second room all on my own…Once I invested in a taller ladder that is.

What you will need :

Strong contact adhesive, ( yeah perhaps a mask to avoid the fumes ),

Disposable paint brush ( that stuff aint coming off that brush so dont get attached to it!)

Scissors or a stanley knife,

Tall ladder ,

Laser chalk line ( or the old fashioned type that tilers often use) …to make sure you are doing it straight.

It can be tricky when you first start out but once you get the hang of it, you can pretty quickly get into the zone. I would suggest starting at the middle if you are going around lights and work your way out…. ( but thats not essential) .

Now you may be thinking that “oh yeah sure they look like tin”? well everyone that has seen mine will testify they couldn’t tell  the difference….  They even come in a distressed tin look…just to make them even more realistic .

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I hope you enjoy staring at the funky new ceiling you have created.

Good luck Hackers.

Aunty Bling