The Unbearable Brightness of Seeing.

by | November 20, 2018

I have been thinking a lot about lighting lately, having just finished relighting my new pad with some rather sexy lights I bought overseas last year. Note to self:(They may seem ridiculously cheap when you are buying them but by the time you add shipping and taxes and all the other palaver that goes with exporting, they aren’t… Sooooo make sure you really DO like them….and not buying them because they are a bargain.)

What has occurred to me as I’ve gotten older and my need for multi focal glasses to read and work, is how tricky it is to keep a place looking warm, interesting and atmospheric combined with the function of being able to see the remote..

Being a child of the 70″s growing up with that hideous fluorescent lighting that used to have a low hum that would slowly drive you insane …. (Now the hum is more of a tiniteus from listening to too many live Bands in my youth) …Im happy to say that lighting (especially fluro lighting) has gotten a whole lot better and a lot warmer.

Firstly I will say Dimmers are your friends…. The old dimmer switch can help you in a moment of crisis turn up the light when you are trying to look for that bloody apple remote that has snuck down the side of the couch (Apple we need to chat about that remote ..not the most user friendly)
Sorry I digress.

Finding a shade that doesn’t block too much of your light is also important. When you are buying light shades make sure you test them out and take note which way the light will fall.The darker the fabric the less light and If its covered on top it will only have a cylinder of light coming from beneath and won’t spread the love around the room. Also make sure you go for warm bulbs … in fact these days the new LED vintage (Edison) bulbs are now used as a feature which helps with getting more actual light from your Lighting.You can get away with a higher lumen if the colour of the bulb is a warm tone as opposed to a cooler brighter more stark bulb.

Table lamps spread around as well as overhead lights help to set a mood and helps to bounce light into the space.

And last but not least ….I now keep on my coffee table with all my design books an “itty bitty book light” …so rather than having to pull out the torch on my phone to read I just slip it on the book and off I go…. (I know Im a bit of a dag…. but I hate having to find glasses every time I need to read something small and it would be sacrilegious to have bright lights in my home.)

Remember Ambience is everything when it comes to lighting your home. Save the bright functional lights for your office and around the mirror in the bathroom…. (afterall you don’t want walk out into the world with unblended makeup….
Oh the horror!!)

Oh… and most importantly:

Never Forget …. NO-ONE looks good in Bright flourescent lighting so think about that when you are choosing the restaurant for your first tinder date….. or having that special someone over for a meal….

I repeat NO-ONE.

Good luck Hackers.

Aunty Bling.

Before : Lets face it. Oyster lIghts are UGLY.

AFTER: Moroccan clear glass and wrought iron light creating texture and patterns help with creating a warmth to the space.

Handmade Crochet metal Table lamps and the Dimmer switch are a MUST if you want to create Ambience.

Tribal Fishing Baskets make for interesting shades.

Antique railway Lamps hung next to the bed from the ceiling makes it a lot easier to find the switch at night instead off scrambling around the floor in the dark.

I wasn’t kidding about the Itty Bitty book light.


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  1. Max

    Thank you Nana Bling… sorry I meant Aunty Bling!… the book light option a good one! X


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