Lets Reframe how we think about Doors.

by | October 13, 2018

Doors…are they just Doors or are they a little more important than that?

For me, doors are the entrance to a new world and should be treated with a mystical excitement…. “what is going on behind there” ?

Many cultures like Mexico, Spain, Morocco and Asian cultures highlight their doors. In Australia and a lot of Western Cultures we sadly seem to pay very little attention to them.

If you go onto pinterest or insta you will find many pictures taken of colourful  doors from other cultures…Great,,,love it…. But why do we see them rarely walking up the street …unless we are travelling to exotic countries ?

Well it is fair to say the doors here are pretty boring to buy unless you are willing to pay a squiilion dollars ( give or take a few squil) or buy a door from overseas and pay for a builder to cut out the wall to fit it ( again expensive)  but there is something you can do.  YES…Framing your doors. Here are some examples of some I did a few months ago. I bought some carved antique wood last time I was in Bali and glued (or strong mirror tape) on the top of the frame…. I then found some carved architrave wood from the hardware shop ( Bunnings ) matched the stain to the carved piece I had, painted the original door frame to match the colour…It took all of an hour ( well more if you include the stain and paint to dry).

Of course you now you have such a glorious frame it would be silly not to make the door at least colourful… Here I have done three examples .

1.Laundry door painted Dark Brown ( Taubmans Dark Granite)

2; Front Door Copper Paint from Porters Paint

3.Pantry Door Patina copper Paint from Porters with Acid over the top to get the patina look.

I am currently working on some designs for new doors…. ( to fit Australian standard sizes )  They are on a boat coming across the Ocean as I type which I will share once I put them in place.Until then take a look at my favourite local restaurant Kepos St Kitchen have just done to their front entrance …Created a moroccan shape around the outside…. LOVE IT.

I once made a Metal door with cut to size Aluminium, pieces and metal tacks and nailed it to the outside of a very standard boring door. It was the talking piece of my home when it came to selling (One guy actually asked the realtor “is the owner on acid”? …clearly he wasn’t the buyer 😉 )

Now because Im nice Im going to give away a piece of antique carved wood to help you make a door frame. All you have to do is add yourself to my Ktribe.com.au mailing list and the winner will be contacted by the 1/11/18 .

Ok hackers any questions you may have feel free to pop me a message.


Aunty Bling

Copper painted front door

Kepos St Kitchen

Patina Copper Pantry with Moroccan Curved carving Frame

Wooden Carving from Bali placed above . The door and frame painted to match.

Architrave wood from Bunnings cut to fit your door frame then stained to match

Antique Carved Wood Sourced from Bali.

Laundry, Front Door and Pantry

Aluminium studded door I designed and nailed to the outside of existing door . ( NO acid required 😉 )