Kitchen Design… Lets think outside the (boring) box…

by | May 11, 2019

Ok, maybe it’s just me ? …But whenever it comes to renovating a kitchen I feel impossibly frustrated  and uninspired about what is on offer….

It seems there is very little creativity put into designing a kitchen apart from a fancy tiled splashback if you are lucky. Boring doors that come in laminate or melamine …painted one colour from the Dulux range…. and maybe a choice of a handle or not….and thats it…. oh god…I’m asleep already …..zzzzzzz

Yes I understand the kitchen is a  functional room that needs certain elements to make it  a workable kitchen but can we not TRY to do something to make it a bit interesting at least ?…. please.

So with this in mind my challenge for my last kitchen renovation was to create a space that blends in with the rest of the home… ie: eclectic, interesting and tribal….and dare I say FUNCTIONAL.

My first thoughts were with the cupboards, as lets be honest, they are the fist thing you will notice. Being that this is an apartment and the kitchen is visible from the dining and living areas, I needed to keep it light and open. I decided to take some carved pieces of wood that I had purchased in Bali a few months earlier and get them routed into timber ( pine) cupboards… Obviously these have to be custom made but were not much more expensive than  ordinary kitchen doors. To save on cost I decided to get some floorboard paint from Porters paint ( which can be tinted to an array of colours ) and paint them myself . For the bottom cupboards I went for a dark chocolate brown and kept them plain apart from the  drawers that were visible on the end where I followed the idea of the top cupboards and routed them with some carve wood also.

I opted for a raw concrete looking caesarstone bench top, its a cheaper option than real cement and much easier to maintain . Underneath the bench top I decided to get creative and ordered some antique copper tiles from Schotts and stick them on myself… Ok its helpful to have a mate that can help you cut the tin where needed ( thanks Jimmy Russ), I then painted them a darker copper to make them pop and match the Copper sink from ABI Interiors. ( btw..not an endorsement they just have some really cool shit and are really helpful)

The piece de resistance was the splash back… I went for antique mirror glass tiles….Just be aware where you get your antique glass made as the glass has to be tempered to go behind a cook top and lot of the people that make them don’t do tempered glass but ( from Byron Bay ) make their own glass so not only do they work they look amazing and open the whole space up, it  now feels a lot bigger…. a warning though….I now get to see myself slave away as I move around the kitchen ..HA ! ( luckily Im not much of a cook).

My last bit of creative inspiration came from an idea I once saw in a hotel in Bali. I collected all my leftover pieces of antique wood that I had gathered on many trips away ( clearly I have an obsession ) and glued them to the plain area next to the dishwasher for no other reason than to look SEXY….

So there you have it …get inspired and be brave when it comes to the kitchen … Dont let fear get in your way of creating something that you truly want. and DONT let your builder persuade you otherwise.


Good luck Hackers

Aunty Bling.

Before Photo…tres ugly.

Antique Copper tin Tiles underneath benchtop.

Carved wooden routed Cupboards

Carved Wood antique pieces Glued on for sex appeal.

Antique Mirror Splashbacks and Copper Sink.

Completed Kitchen



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