Lets be honest bathrooms are expensive, time consuming and just damn messy to renovate especially with all the waterproofing and ripping off the tiles.

The white tiles with old grout

If your tiles are in good condition but you just want to give your bathroom a quick shot of botox then I would suggest looking at coloured Grout Pens. Now your local hardware store ( ie Bunnings ) seem to only carry Grout Paint ( walk away from this product…hideous) or white grout pens …( so boring) ….but I was determined to find coloured grout pens which seemed to not exist.

After many days and nights on the “google” I finally found a little company in Brisbane called http://www.liquidchalk.com.au┬áthat saw them overseas in a trade show and started importing them…. And although you may go through a few pens to do a bathroom and there is nothing like practicing to get it right but the results are pretty impressive….and not to mention will save you a bucket of money.

All hail the coloured grout pen.