Lets bring the Sexy back into Bathroom Design.

by | March 21, 2019

As in all design “Form must follow Function” . Until now the Bathroom  has always been designed with the main focus on function. Thankfully that is now changing and the trends for creating a more Luxurious room that reflects the rest of the house and creating a space of pleasure and ambience are becoming more de rigueur as we become more design astute


The use of colour in the bathroom will be something that we will see more of 2019. With tiles coming in so many ranges and colours now from Pink to Greens  there is a trend to break away from the  traditional white tiles with a touch of grey. Using a feature wall of colour or creating shower areas with a different tile to the rest of the room is something we we will be seeing more of as well as metallic  tiles to make your bathroom pop.

Monochromatic colours will still be seen but with the variety of shapes and sizes from hexagonal to herringbone it will now be easier to create a contrast with the different shapes available.

The old rule of never using more than two different tiles in a bathroom has now been surpassed and we will see a lot more use of different textures and colours in the one room.

Coloured toilet suites are also something that are becoming more available and in time we will see that becoming more of a trend especially  with the floating toilet and vanity to create a bit of sex appeal.


Copper/ Gun metal Grey and Black Fixtures are now becoming more popular and more available . These fixtures not only add a warmth but a depth and style to a bathroom . Mixing the colours  ie copper and black is something we will see more of in 2019 as we lift the rules and say goodbye to the silver of yesteryear . Exposed plumbing in bathrooms adds an eclectic feel and something that adds character to,what  once was, a generic space.



Mirrors have always been a function in a bathroom . The trend now is to make a feature of the Mirror. Opulent Mirrors with ornate frames  add a luxurious feel to the room as do  Round mirrors. Antique Mirror glass tiles are also one of the things gaining momentum in the design world and its uses are not only aesthetically beautiful  but help create a feeling of space especially in a small room.


Cultural Trends

With the  recent addition of Moroccan/ Turkish and Mexican encaustic  tiles becoming more available the trend to bring in patterns and to mix aesthetics is finding its way into the bathroom. Ikat tiles ( based on ikat style of fabric) are slowly making their way to Australia and I foresee these tiles taking off in the near future.

Bringing in a Turkish Floor rug into the bathroom may be for the brave but will bring immediate appeal and warmth.

Wood and Concrete

Raw materials such as wood and concrete are something we are going to see a lot more of in the bathroom. Concrete benchtops and walls with wooden flooring mixed with Indoor plants like ferns are sure to give you the sense of bringing the outside in and enveloping a sense of Nature to your smallest room in the house.








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