A(door)able Entrances old

Ok so finally I have gotten around to adding my new doors.

Being so bored with all the door options and a lover of exotic doors from Morocco, Bali and India I decided to design these doors on my last trip to Bali and  and wow, do they change the whole feel of a place!. My idea was to design the doors to fit Australian standard sizes so I wouldn’t need to get a builder in to cut out the wall .

With a lot of help from my friend Bek ( the handiest woman in town with the best collection of tools) we were able to take off the old doors and replace them using the hinges that were already there. ( well except for the saloon/double door style ones that required adding hinges to the other side.)

These doors are solid wood and all carved by hand. The Balinese are expert Artisans when it comes to wood carving ( although communicating your needs can sometimes take work). The doors are not light as they are solid hardwood and would also make fantastic front doors. ( and not to mention how much sound they block out …perfect for that noisy teenagers room)

I’m not going to tell you “it was easy” to replace the doors…We certainly had a few trial and errors along the way and we certainly enjoyed that Beer at the end of the day ! (after all, we were channeling our inner tradie).

After the doors were up I added some antique wood above the door frames and some carved wooden architrave pieces that I stained from Bunnings down the side …and Voila ….. my home is starting to resemble the exotic world of the cultures that I love travelling to…..soon I won’t need to leave home and I will permanently feel like Im on holidays…… (Nah not really… I was born with Wanderlust…and Im not talking about the Netflix series!!)

If you are interested in getting some doors made make sure you contact me….. I will be heading over in a few weeks and would love to help you create the home of your dreams or at least make your Doors the talking point of your home.

As a side note: In some cultures you are expected to open all your doors and windows at midnight on New years Eve to usher out the last year and let the New Year energy in. So why not start this New Year with a new Entrance …who knows….. it may just lead to a new life.

Good luck Hackers.

Aunty Bling

Double / Saloon style Balinese doors . Extra Hinges were added to the other side of the door to accomodate.

Double Door Balinese style door . Frame painted copper and wooden carving glued above the door also painted copper to complete the look .

Moroccan Inspired Turquoise Studded Door . A feast to the senses.

Brass Handles Sourced by me on a trip To Bali.

This Door Is based on a Traditional door design from Timor.

Brass Hand Door handles .

Bek, working her magic….We all need one of these…A friend with a passion for DIY and the tool kit to match!